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Black Car Service and Executive Chauffeured Service


What is the difference between a Black car service and an Executive chauffeured service? 

Black car companies subcontract their drivers who own their own vehicles. These vehicles are not properly inspected by the company you may call. The drivers may not carry proper Livery or TLC license to operated their vehicles. They can also dress however they please. The company would not know each of these drivers' whereabouts when they dispatch a car to them, hence arriving late to reservations. 

An executive chauffeured car service is regulated by a company or a corporation. All vehicles are properly insured under the New Jersey Livery and or New York City TLC regulations. The aesthetic and mechanic for all vehicles are very well maintained. GPS tracking is installed in all company vehicles to know each vehicles whereabouts before dispatching to clients. Chauffeurs will be experienced with their navigational skills and wear proper black pant and shirt attire. Reservations and dispatch will always execute professionalism and consistency. 



Luxury, Fast, and Discreet

We have the latest technologies in designing and implementing customized traveling solutions that epitomize the most efficient, productive, and cost-effective way to travel. We have complete online access to make or modify travel arrangements and instantly locate your vehicle via Android app. (We are working diligently to create an app for our Apple users)
We are committed to deliver the most reliable, professional, and discreet service to all our clients. We invite you to experience our service and become our VIP every time you ride with us.